Karima Parry's
[Plastic Fantastic Bakelite and other Vintage Jewelry]
Specializing in Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite,
and other vintage plastic costume jewelry
from the 1920's to the 1960's

Email: karima@plasticfantastic.com

Karima Parry guarantees that all Bakelite jewelry (other than Shultz Bakelite Jewelry) that is sold from Plastic Fantastic to be authentic and vintage and as described. I will NOT buy or sell "french Bakelite" or "Bakelite" from the Far East, as both these counterfeit products are neither Bakelite, nor vintage. These are mass produced, newly manufactured plastic fashion jewelry with little or no collector value. Plastic Fantastic only buys and sells genuine vintage Bakelite and other vintage plastic jewelry and authentic signed Shultz Bakelite jewelry.

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