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from the 1920's to the 1960's

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Costume Jewelry

Item Description Price

Gorgeous wooden bangle with very dimensional raised quilted carving. 1" wide, 3/8" walls.300.00

Wanna feel like you rule? Then this pin is for you! From the famous Coronation series, signed crown TRIFARI goldtone "Orb". With rhinestones, "pearls", "rubies", "saphires", and an "emerald". Beautiful pierced back piece. 2 1/4" tall.250.00

A pair of very intricately laminated tube shaped wood bangles. 3/8" wide with 3/8" walls, each. Price is for the pair.250.00

Signed M. BOUCHER and numbered Rhinestone and high domed "ruby" cabachons in silvertone "Explosion" pin. 2" across.150.00

A pair of charming wooden bangles. One is painted with flowers and leaves against a dark background. The other is natural wood with flowers and squiggles. They are each 5/8" wide with 5/16" walls. Price is for the pair.120.00

A chunky pair of light colored wood bangles. The double flying saucer has white plastic inlays. It is 1/2" wide with 3/8" walls. The single flying saucer has dark wood inlays. It is 1/2" wide with 1/2" walls. Price is for the pair.120.00

Signed BOUCHER and numbered goldwashed Retro stylized "bunch of grapes" pin. Square cut yellow and brown unfoiled stones are set in an intriguing diagonal pattern, with small bezel set "emeralds" at the corners of the stones. The pin is topped off with a bow. Approx. 1 1/2" tall, 1" across."100.00

A matched pair of chunky wood flying sauer bangles in two different woods. 3/8" wide, with 3/8" walls, each. Price is for the pair.100.00

A matched pair of wooden bangles in an identical intriguing pattern, one light, one dark. They are each 5/8" wide, but the darker one has slightly heavier walls. Price is for the pair.100.00

A domed natural light colored wood bangle with flower carving. 1 1/8" wide.100.00

A chunky domed wood bangle with many layers of different colored wood lamininates. 1" wide, 5/16" walls.100.00

Signed crown TRIFARI goldtone branch of holly pin, wiht cabachon "rubies" and tiny rhinestones. 2 1/2" across.75.00

Wooden vintage carved figural guy wearing a hat pin, with handpainted details including a snappy red bowtie and porkpie hat. Embedded one piece back. 2 1/4" tall.75.00

A pair of interesting sanded finished laminated wood bangles. The octagon shaped one is rounded on the inside. It is 5/16" wide, with 5/16" walls. The sliced one had many laminates running across the bangle. It is 3/8" wide with 3/8" walls. Price is for the pair.75.00

Vintage Trifari goldtone folded leaf and pearls earrings. 1" long. Note that each earring is the mirror image of the other. Quality! Clip backs, signed "Trifari".75.00

A matched set of four tube shaped wooden bangles.60.00

A pair of laminated wood and plastic bangles. The flying saucer shaped one has numerous laminated layers. It is 5/16" wide, with 1/4" walls. The other bangle has rounded corners and two layers, one of wood and one of plastic. It is 1/2" wide. Price is for the pair.60.00

A pair of wide chunky domed painted wooden bangles. 1" wide, 5/16" walls, each. Price is for the pair.60.00

Unsigned BIG rhinestone pavee fish, with "ruby" eye in silvertone. 3 1/2" long!50.00

Oversized vintage wooden carved dove in flight- 2 piece back with safety. 4" wingspan.50.00

Vintage carved wooden dogbone (signed Hawaii, I might add!) pin, with two scotties suspended on silk cord. Hangs 3" total. One piece glued (?) back.50.00

Vintage carved wooden horsehead pin, with brass bridle ring and plastic coated string bridle. 2 piece embedded back with safety. 2 1/2" tall.50.00

Vintage carved wooden ukulele pin. With brass fingerboard and tuning keys. It's missing one string- but who's going to play it anyway? This one is to wear! One piece embedded back. 3 1/2" long.50.00

A matched pair of chunky tube shaped ebony wood bangles. 1/4" wide, 3/8" walls, each. Price is for the pair.50.00

A matched pair of carved horn flying saucer shaped bangles. 1/4" wide, 1/4" walls, each. Price is for the pair.50.00

A pair of wooden bangles. The narrow one is laminated, and 5/16" wide with 5/16" walls. The wider one is chunky and domed with a dark stain on the outside which is carved through to reveal a lighter color wood on the inside. 1/2" wide, 3/8" walls. Price is for the pair.50.00

A pair of rounded squared wooden bangles. The ligher one is 1/4" wide and laminated. The darker one is 1/2" wide. Price is for the pair.50.00

Very chunky tube shaped wooden bangle. Scant 1/2" wide with 1/2" walls.45.00

Very chunky domed wooden bangle. 7/8" thick, 1/2" walls.40.00

A pair of wood bangles. One is slightly domed, the other is flatter. 3/8" wide, each. Price is for the pair.40.00

Signed TRIFARI goldtone and rhinestone "fireworks" pin. 2 1/4" wall.35.00

Signed AJC goldtoned "genie in a lamp" pin with rhinestones. This pin is hinged along the bottom and when opened has a genie holding a rhinestone inside! 1 3/4" across.35.00

Is your initial "N"? How about "Z"? (just turn this cool pin on it's side!) Vintage wood from the Bakelite era, and oversized! 4" high!! 2 piece embedded back with safety.30.00

Wood bangle with angled dome. 7/8" wide, 1/4" walls.30.00

Wood bangle. 1 1/8" wide, 3/16" walls.30.00

Signed and numbered PANETTA (?), and unfortunately not in the best condition- with darkened stones and wear to the plating. But the design is great! Figural pin. 2 1/8" tall.25.00

Signed TRIFARI silvertone curly shell pin. 1 3/4" across.25.00

Signed GIVENCY goldtoned earrings with pink and red cabachons. 1 1/2" long.25.00

For those semi-formal occasions, vintage carved wooden bow pin. Two piece embedded back. 2" long.25.00

Not sure about this one except that it is old, goldwashed over silvertone (sterling?) with interesting red stones in the center, and darkened rhinestones everywhere else. This one needs a good home and some TLC. 3 1/4" tall.20.00

Fruit Salad" plastic leaves and yellow rhinestones in silvertone. Not signed, but looks like LISNER... 3" tall20.00

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