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Very overscale vintage goldtone heavy 8" long chain toggle bracelet with four huge Bakelite dangling charms, each 1 5/8" across. Each charm has a goldtone figural embedded in the center of the charm on both sides. (one missing- not all that noticable when worn). Toggle signed "coppola parodi italy". MAJOR Bakelite fashionista piece. Do you dare wear it?!350.00

A stack of five vintage silvery slithery handmade hand engraved bangles in various widths and patterns. Although these were sold to me as fine silver, they have never tarnished at all, and I suspect that they may be white gold. Each is signed 84K. I have no idea what that could mean.... Great for the gal with larger hands, these are 2 3/4" across the opening. Price is for all five:350.00

A whole wardrobe of Bakelite rings! Ten rings in various sizes from about 5 1/2 to 7, colors include two rare sky blue marbled, three shades of gold, two green, a marbled hot red, a marbled baby yellow, and a chocolate marbled. Price is for ALL:300.00

A wardrobe of seven Bakelite rings, all in the size 6-6 1/2 range, with a goldtone ring insert. Colors include hot marbled red orange, rare sky blue marbled, apple green marble, opaque gold, caramel marbled, honey marbled, and pastel yellow marbled. Price is for ALL:300.00

A stack of four vintage fine silver matched handmade hand engraved Moroccan bangles. It is getting difficult to find quality hand engraved work anymore... 2 5/8" across, each. Price is for all four:250.00

A wardrobe of seven assorted vintage (pre-ban) ivory rings. Various sizes from 5 1/2 - 8, the domed one on the far right has gold wire decoration. Price is for all seven:220.00

Vintage French moonglow mother of pearl Lucite bangles. The wide white one is a Book Piece, on page 104 of "Plastic Bangles". I thought the deep cherry with fuscia and the black one went well with it. Price is for all three:175.00

Vintage French moonglow mother of pearl Lucite bangles. One blue, two in orchid purple. Price is for all three:150.00

These look like vintage Lea Stein to me, but since neither is signed, I can't be 100% sure. However, the quality of the plastic on these is unmistakable. I thought these two pieces belonged together: a rose mosaic pattern bangle, and a rose and cream lozenge shaped pin (with the typical Stein embedded back). Price is for both:150.00

Similar bangles of this type can be seen on page 86 of "Plastic Bangles". Here are two reverse painted vintage Lucite bangles. The wider one has an interesting all around pattern of assorted small squiggly motifs, the narrower one has pink, red, and white half polka dots outlined in black all aorund. Price is for both:130.00

Book piece! See it on page 89 of "Plastic Bangles". Vintage Lucite bangle with deep spoon carving all around.125.00

Wide transparent vintage Lucite bangle, filled with shreds of gold (?) 1 1/8" wide.125.00

A vintage (pre-ban) twist carved ivory bangle and matching ring. Ring is approx. size 7, bangle is 2 1/2" across the opening. Price is for both:120.00

A pair of vintage two layer laminated Lucite bangles. Opaque black and white, and opaque tangerine and creamsickle. Price is for the pair:100.00

A pair of vintage two layer laminated Lucite bangles. Clear pink and opaque pink, and clear pale green and opaque pale green. Price is for the pair:100.00

A classic vintage tinted celluloid bangle with roses and other flowers all around. These are getting very scarce! 3/4" wide.100.00

As seen on page 77 of "Plastic Bangles", a pair of thicker width three layer laminated vintage Lucite bangles. Ome is chocolate, clear, and gold. The other is white, clear green, and black. Price is for the pair:100.00

A group of three interesting vintage bangles. One is chocolate moonglow Lucite, another is half tortoise and half mother of pearl Lucite, and the third is a skinny cream and swirl opaque Lucite as seen on page 179 in "Plastic Bangles". Price is for all three:100.00

Vintage Trifari goldtone folded leaf and pearls earrings. 1" long. Note that each earring is the mirror image of the other. Quality! Clip backs, signed "Trifari".75.00

See the same bangle, only narrower, on page 140 of "Plastic Bangles". Pale sherry-rose transparent vintage Lucite bangle carved all around with large ovals.75.00

A vintage 3 layer mold-laminated bangle. Red, butterscotch, red. 5/16" wide.60.00

Bakelite earrings. Deeply carved flowers, evergreen, with irridescent overpaint. Screw backs, each 5/8" across.40.00

Bakelite earrings. Apricot with cream marbling dangling balls. Large balls are 5/8" diameter. Screw backs.40.00

Oooh i just LOVE plastic with glitter in it! These vintage giant transparent Lucite ball earrings are filled with glitter. Balls are almost 1" in diameter, clip backs.35.00

Bakelite earrings. Loops, rust with brown marbling. Clip backs, each 7/8" across.25.00

Book Piece!! On page 127 of "Plastic Bangles" a very chunky wide monumental vintage pearly French Lucite bangle in shades of brown with black marbling and .... oh yes, did I mention the GOLD DUST?! KILLER!!! 1 1/4" wide, almost 1/2" walls.SOLD

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