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and other vintage plastic costume jewelry
from the 1920's to the 1960's

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Fine Jewelry

Item Description Price

18K yellow gold craftsman made and signed (CAD) modern ring. With oval mandarin garnet, nicely cut and quite brilliant, approx 4 carats+. Size 6.885.00

18K yellow gold hand florentined five gold beads alternating with four lovely translucent lavender chalcedony beads bracelet. Slightly less than 1/2" wide, will fit from small to 8 " wrist because there are a few extra links on the end. Perfect for the gal whose hands swell from time to time......550.00

A pair of 14K yellow gold stacking rings. Handmade and solid, with bezel set stones. One has a cabachon amethyst, the other a cabachon opal. Size 5. Price is for the pair:375.00

A stack of five vintage silvery slithery handmade hand engraved bangles in various widths and patterns. Although these were sold to me as fine silver, they have never tarnished at all, and I suspect that they may be white gold. Each is signed 84K. I have no idea what that could mean.... Great for the gal with larger hands, these are 2 3/4" across the opening. Price is for all five:350.00

A stack of four vintage fine silver matched handmade hand engraved Moroccan bangles. It is getting difficult to find quality hand engraved work anymore... 2 5/8" across, each. Price is for all four:250.00

A wardrobe of seven assorted vintage (pre-ban) ivory rings. Various sizes from 5 1/2 - 8, the domed one on the far right has gold wire decoration. Price is for all seven:220.00

Antique salmon pinkish coral "baby beads" necklace. Each bead approx. 1/8" across. 14K White gold clasp, 18" long.200.00

A vintage (pre-ban) twist carved ivory bangle and matching ring. Ring is approx. size 7, bangle is 2 1/2" across the opening. Price is for both:120.00

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Fine Jewelry

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