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Bakelite Earrings and Rings

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A whole wardrobe of Bakelite rings! Ten rings in various sizes from about 5 1/2 to 7, colors include two rare sky blue marbled, three shades of gold, two green, a marbled hot red, a marbled baby yellow, and a chocolate marbled. Price is for ALL:300.00

A wardrobe of seven Bakelite rings, all in the size 6-6 1/2 range, with a goldtone ring insert. Colors include hot marbled red orange, rare sky blue marbled, apple green marble, opaque gold, caramel marbled, honey marbled, and pastel yellow marbled. Price is for ALL:300.00

Four layers of tangerine and golden marbled Bakelite are laminated into Dome shaped earrings. Clip backs.100.00

Bakelite earrings. Deeply carved flowers, evergreen, with irridescent overpaint. Screw backs, each 5/8" across.40.00

Bakelite earrings. Apricot with cream marbling dangling balls. Large balls are 5/8" diameter. Screw backs.40.00

Bakelite earrings. Loops, rust with brown marbling. Clip backs, each 7/8" across.25.00

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