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Bakelite Pins and Clips

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On the left: Absolutely one of the BEST vintage Bakelite figural pins I have ever seen. Compare it to the one in Matt's book on page 181-- this one is sooooo much BETTER! A resin washed airdale, with inset glass eye and beaded brass collar, amazing quality carving, including carved "fur" and "whiskers". He stands 2 1/2" tall, and is 2 1/2" across. Embedded safety clasp pin back, beautiful oxidation, IMMACULATE condition. No apologies on the price. He is simply the BEST! And on the right: Absolutely one of the finest FAKES I have ever seen. Not Bakelite, Not vintage, a perfect line for line copy of the genuine original right down to the glass eye, beaded collar, and inset pin back. Does not test with 409 or hot water. 100% FAKE! Price is for the pair-3000.00

A very rare, truely great Bakelite "Patriotic" pin. Not in any of the books! A cast carved three layer navy, white, and red anchor is accented with a red, white, and blue cord and a brass ring at the top; and a three dimensional Butterscotch Bakelite globe is riveted on top, with the western hemisphere handpainted in deep green. Embedded two piece pin back, with safety. 2 1/2" tall, 2" across, 1 1/4" thick. Wonderful condition! This is a very VERY special pin for the advanced collector.2500.00

Very special! A matched Bakelite totem pole set! A pin and matching clip on earrings. Over Creamed Corn opaque Bakelite, with extensively detailed hand painting. The pin is 1 1/4" tall, and 1 1/2" from wingtip to wingtip, with an embedded one piece clasp. The earrings are 7/8" tall, and 1" wingtip to wingtip, with minor corrosion on the clip backs. May be one of a kind, I have never seen these before! Price is for all three pieces.950.00

OOOOh these are gorgeous and unusual! European, perhaps?? Incredibly carved and painted Bakelite flower pins. Over creamed corn, totally three dimensionally carved irises, completely painted in a deep iris blue with green leaves, with an applied painted stamen on wire in the center of each flower. Great carving, incredible painting and dimensionality-- larger: 3 1/2" long, 1 3/8" across, and almost 1" THICK!! Screwed one piece clasp. smaller: 1" long, 1" across, 3/4" thick. Riveted one piece clasp. Price is for the pair:650.00

Fabulous four layer laminated and carved Bakelite bar-type pin. Glazed Creamed Corn stacked and alternating with black, and then all layers are carved along the edges into scallops, while the top has delicate surface carving in leaf pattern. Very special! Embedded two-piece back, small area of white paint (?) on reverse. 3" long, 7/8" tall.500.00

A wonderful deeply carved green and yellow marbled Bakelite flower pin. There is a tiny 1/4" long oxidized surface line on the back near one edge-- obviously old, and not of much significance. Embedded two piece pin back with safety. Great carving! 3" X 2"435.00

A very rare matched pair of Stardust Bakelite heavily carved clips. Lots of glittering gold stardust, screwed-in brass clip backs signed, "Pat.1852188". Note: clip on right has a small flake off the lower right hand corner. 1 3/4" long, 5/8" wide, 1/4" thick, each. Price is for the pair:425.00

A matched pair of LARGE transparent Rootbeer swirl Bakelite pins. Both are deeply carved with a dimensional geometric pattern. Both have riveted pin backs, but both have small pinholes on the reverse suggesting that the pin backs were set, and then removed and re-set. I doubt that these were ever clips- they are simply too large! 3 1/4" long, 1 3/4" across, each. Price is for the pair.400.00

Licorice Bakelite chunky heavily carved flower and leaves pin. Two piece embedded back, with safety. Large! 3 1/2" long X 1 3/4" across.385.00

I especially like pins that have multiple techniques-- like this lovely 5 layer laminated bar pin, in opaque orange and true black Bakelite, with heavy carving and a rose and leaf design flanked with scalloped wings. 3 3/4" long, 1" across. Two piece embedded pin back, with safety.350.00

A two layer chunky laminated Bakelite pin. Chocolate over Butterscotch, deeply and dimensionally carved with a scallop motif. Two piece embedded pin back with safety. 2" across, 1 1/4" tall.285.00

An oversized Rootbeer transparent Bakelite carved and pierced sabre pin. Detailed with brass appliques and brass dangles on chain. A single stud is missing on the blade. Some discoloration to the brass, but a special piece none the less from the famous "Persian" series. Two piece embedded pin back with safety. Total length a whopping 4 1/2"!275.00

Changer- appears pinkish brown in indirect light, and transparent-translucent magenta pink when held in front of a light. Chunky, carved with a Carnation and leaf motif. Original embedded pin back. Approx. 3" x 7/8", and a hefty 1/2" thick.125.00

Opaque Butterscotch Bakelite cross pendant, with integral loop. 1 3/4" wide, 1 1/8" across.100.00

A beautiful pair of curved blade (sharp!) manicure scissors, with translucent spring green marbled Bakelite handles. Blades signed "Premier" 4 3/4" long.75.00

Translucent marbled golden Bakelite cross, with silvery hanging loop. 2" long.50.00

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