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Bakelite Bracelet Sets

When Bakelite bangles were originally made, the designs were often available in more than one color. In the past fifty years or so these bangles have scattered to the four corners of the world, and reassembling a matched set today requires dedication, patience, luck, and can take years to accomplish. A fine matched set of Bakelite bangles, therefore, deservedly holds a special cachet.

Item Description Price

A rare matched set of three brilliantly transparent Prystal Bakelite bangles. Very chunky, lime juice, peach juice, and smoky topaz; each deeply and dimensionally carved with rope carving. 3/8" wide, 3/8" walls. Price is for the set of three:2000.00

A matched set of five chunky domed tightly rope carved Bakelite bangles. Translucent tortoise, glazed creamed corn, end of day-ish mottled oranges and black, custard marbled, and swamp. 1/2"+ wide, 3/8" walls, each. Price is for all five:1350.00

This is a very difficult color to photograph successfully. Very chunky transparent with milk marbling screaming orange Bakelite! Each bangle in this stack is the same color and chunkiness, but each is in a different pattern and width. I think they look wonderful together. On the bottom, a 3/8" wide tube shape with slash carving; next, a 15/16" wide domed with repeating slashed "V"s; next is a scant 5/8" wide plain domed; and on top is a 1" wide domed with heavy ribbed carving. All have 3/8"-1/2" walls. Great color!!! Price is for the stack of four:1000.00

A matched pair of narrow chunky heavily carved Bakelite bangles in an unusual color, and an unusual pattern. Translucent pale burnt orange, with areas of transparent orange, marbled. Deeply and dimensionally carved overall with twists and large flowers with pierced work that goes all the way through the bangles. 1/2" wide, 1/2" walls, each. Price is for the pair:950.00

A matched pair of chunky domed apricot opaque and deep orange opaque Bakelite bangles, with deeply and dimensionally carved pinwheels and flowers. 3/4" wide, 7/16" walls, each. Price is for the pair:900.00

A matched pair of domed Bakelite bangles deeply carved with pinwheels and pineapple carving. Olive opaque, and translucent orange. On the orange one, the pinwheel on the reverse is inexplicably left unfinished! Go figure.... 5/8" wide, 7/16" walls. Price is for the pair.625.00

A matched pair of superchunky transparent emerald green (do NOT show black when worn!!) domed Bakelite bangles. 5/8" wide, 1/2" walls, each. Lovely patina on these- just enough to demonstrate age, but not enough to make them appear dull. Price is for the pair:575.00

A stack of three transparent faceted Bakelite bangles. Two in cherry, and one in Applejuice. Two are carved with diamond shaped facets, the remaining cherry is carved with rectangular facets. Scant 1/2" wide, 1/4" walls. Price is for all three:500.00

A matched pair of plain superchunky brilliantly transparent Applejuice Bakelite bangles. 9/16" wide, 7/16" walls, each. Price is for the pair:500.00

As seen in my bangle book on page 106, a matched set of opaque domed chunky Bakelite bamboo carved bangles. Glazed Creamed Corn, and Butterscotch. Sorry, the wine one is sold. 1/2" wide, 3/8" walls. Price is for the pair:400.00

These are actually the same color, but depending on the angle you view them from, one can look darker than the other! Very chunky translucent/transparent bright spring green with milk and lemon marbling Bakelite bangles. Scant 1/2" wide, 1/2" walls, each. Delicious color! Price is for the pair:375.00

A pair of very chunky Bakelite bangles. Transparent peach juice with milky marbling 3/8" wide, 1/2" walls, and Tequila Sunrise 3/8" wide, 7/16" walls. Price is for the pair:250.00

This lovely pair of translucent Bakelite flying saucer bangles appears in my Bakelite bangle book on page 28. Sea green, and deep pink. As you can see, some idiot hot pin tested the green one before I got it.. Does not show when worn. The green is 5/8" wide, 5/16" walls. The pink is 5/8"+ wide, 1/4" walls. Pretty colors for the begining collector. Price is for the pair:185.00

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